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Colleen Toland has had a long and varied career as a fashion designer. She is New Zealand born and immigrated to California with her husband, Paul and their four children in 1979. During the eighties, she designed and produced a successful collection of designer knitwear. Many of these fabulous artwear pieces were collected and treasured by their owners. Every now and then her peices show up on eBay.

With a wealth of beads and trims from her sweater embroidery work, Colleen first created beaded belts for her sweater outfits. Customers pleaded for earrings and necklaces to match. When the knitwear look faded in the late eighties, Colleen had a mature and established collection of fashion jewelry in place. Her earlier pieces can be identified by the use of thread. Later pieces after 1992 are constructed with wire.

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